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Member Selection

Member Selection

Under legislation, the CER was given the job of recruiting the members of the Forum. Once the Chair of the Forum had been appointed, the recruitment process was initiated in order to recruit the 32 members of the Forum.

In September 2015 the recruitment campaign began. Both domestic consumers and organisations were invited to submit an application to become a member of the Public Water Forum.

A total of 20 domestic members were selected from the completed applications received. The selection of members was carried out randomly, but was carried out in way that would ensure that they were representative of Irish society generally; balanced in terms of gender, age and region and reflective of the urban and rural population.

The selection process was independently verified and the 20 domestic members meet the following criteria:

Domestic members have been appointed for an initial term of three years and a reserve panel has also been created should any members no longer be able to fulfill the role.

As well as domestic members, the Forum contains 12 members from specific sectors. These were recruited at the same time as the domestic members and there is one organisational member from each of the following sectors:

  1. The interests of the consumer

  2. The interests of those persons providing or occupying social housing

  3. The interests of those persons owning or occupying private rented housing

  4. The interests of the member organisations of the Community and Voluntary Pillar

  5. Those with a disability

  6. The interests of the environment

  7. The interests of industry

  8. The interests of agriculture and rural affairs

  9. The interests of tourism and recreation

  10. The interests of the education sector

  11. The interests of the group water sector

  12. The interests of the trade union movement