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Public Water Forum - How does the Forum work?

Public Water Forum - How does the Forum work?

The Forum meets on a regular basis to discuss and debate issues relevant to the public water sector in Ireland.

Where there are specific issues that require examination in detail, the Forum may create working groups to undertake focused work on the issues and report back to the Forum. From time to time the Forum may issue documents setting out their views or recommendations in relation to certain aspects of the public water sector.

The Forum also has a role in responding to consultations held by both Irish Water and the Commission for Energy Regulation. Where such consultations are held the Forum will consider the issues being consulted upon and deliver a formal response to the consultations. Where the Forum does respond to a consultation, the response document will be published. To see previous consultation responses, please visit the news section of the website.

The Forum will engage with all relevant stakeholders in order to gain an understanding of the issues related to the public water sector.

What kind of things will they discuss?

While the Forum has a general remit of engaging the voice of the consumer in interacting with Irish Water and the Commission for Energy Regulation, it also has the specific remit of commenting or contributing on ‘any policy or domain which it considers relevant to the interests of such consumers.’ This includes a role in key strategic policy debates on drinking water and waste water treatment.

While the Forum is at the early stages of its development, it has already crystallised a number of key policy issues upon which it considers that there is a need for greater public clarity. These concern, inter alia, the issues of: