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About the Public Water Forum

About the Public Water Forum

The primary purpose of the Forum is to represent the interests of the public and water consumers in its interaction with Irish Water.

The public water sector is undergoing significant changes and will continue to do so over the coming years. The Public Water Forum will be a vital component in terms of this development, feeding directly into the activities and work of both Irish Water and the Commission on Energy Regulation (CER), the economic regulator of Ireland’s public water system.

The Forum will be an independent body, playing a crucial role in ensuring that the public and water consumers are represented in the development of public water policy. The Forum will be a strong voice that can meaningfully engage with stakeholders and influence the direction and shape of policies as they evolve over the coming years. We look forward to providing you with more information about our work and engaging with all sectors of society in order to work towards improving the public water sector in Ireland.

The Forum is made up of up to 32 members in total plus a Chair and Secretary

Of the 32 members, 12 represent organisations from a specific sector of interest and 20 members are domestic water consumers. Dr Tom Collins has been appointed as the Chair of the Public Forum and the CER acts as Secretary to the Forum. The members are participating in the Forum on a voluntary basis.


The Water Services Act 2014 established an independent consumer consultative forum, to be known as the Public Water Forum.  Further legislation was put in place setting out the various regulations for how the Forum was to be established.  If you would like to read the legislation, it can be found at the following links:

After the publication of the legislation, the Chair of the Forum was appointed and a recruitment campaign was run in autumn 2015 to select all 32 members of the Forum. Once this was done and the members were selected, the Forum began the process of meeting and setting out how it would work.

In our initial meetings, the Forum agreed our Standing Orders and began the process of deciding our priorities and how we would best represent the interests of the public and water consumers.

Now the Forum has been launched we look forward to being  a strong voice in the ongoing debate on Ireland’s public water supply. We want to ensure that investments in our water infrastructure are in the best interests of the public, that consumers receive a quality service and that the environment is protected.

The Forum also hopes to raise awareness about the need to invest in our water infrastructure and to protect what is a vital natural resource.